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Topic: My view about Time Tables.
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Subject:   RE: My view about Time Tables.
Author: Suzanne
Date: Oct 25 2007
Hi Susan,

Alvarito may have more of a response for you but perhaps I can point something
out that other viewers might find helpful. At the top of this post you'll find
the words "Related Item" and to the right of that there is a URL. That's the
tool that is "usually" being discussed. I say "usually" because occasionally
folks have started a discussion from a tool page that is not actually what
they're discussing. In many cases, however, because the post is started by
clicking on the discussion link from the individual catalog page, that URL
matches the post.

In the case of Alvarito's post, I have a feeling that he is responding to some
questions about the Times Table tool (#31672) perhaps prompted by a facilitator
in a workshop?


On Oct 24 2007, Susan wrote:

>I am not
> trying to be mean, but could someone please post the questions that
> these folks are answering, and what tool they are using so that
> maybe others could join the dicussion?  This is more like a blog
> than a discussion board when things are posted like this!

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