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Topic: My view about Time Tables.
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Subject:   RE: My view about Time Tables.
Author: gemlim
Date: Oct 25 2007
Dear Susan,

We were exploring the Times Table Grid yesterday and I am attaching the
questions that we posted on the discussion board:


Time Tables

Use the discussion board to post your answers.

a. What grade level will you introduce this activity and why?

b. What mathematical skills is enhanced in this activity other than the
multiplication facts?

c. Do you think the higher level students (say Algebra 2, PreCalc…) may benefit
from this?

I apologized for the mixed up because we were trying to post discussions on the
board yesterday and the teachers that worked with me did this.  Hope this

On Oct 24 2007, Susan wrote:
> On Oct 24 2007, Alvarito wrote:
> 1) At 3rd grade, that is the
> grade in which time tables are taught
> and students are mature
> enough to learn them (age appropriate).
> facts families, skip
> counting, number sense, comparing/ordering
> whole numbers,
> division and its concepts.
3) Yes by sharpening
> their
> multiplication/division and mental math skills.

I am not
> trying to be mean, but could someone please post the questions that
> these folks are answering, and what tool they are using so that
> maybe others could join the dicussion?  This is more like a blog
> than a discussion board when things are posted like this!

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