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Topic: Feedback requested for online Algebra book

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Subject:   RE: Feedback requested for online Algebra book
Author: bsnbns1991
Date: Apr 11 2008
On Apr  8 2008, LFS wrote:
> I don't think you are going to appreciate my feedback - sorry.

> was so offended by the title: "Effortless Algebra", I never got any
> further.

Does anyone really believe "Speak French like a Native
> in 48 Hours"? But nobody sells that book in schools.

Maybe I
> should write books "Meditate your Way to an Olympic Gold Medal" or
> "Learn Heart Transplanting in Your Own Home".

What a load of
> *&^%%$. This is what our kids are being told - that they can learn
> mathematics (or indeed anything worthwhile) without any effort?  And
> then when it turns out this is not true, it is the teachers fault.
> Or our kids feel stupid. Or both.

Sorry to rant on - but this
> title so absolutely illustrates all of the problems we as math
> teachers face -

(a) young people who think life requires no
> effort,

(b) corporations that are willing to say anything to
> sell their products and

(c) the widespread total disrespect for
> mathematics as a useful tool that deserves effort, money, time,
> teacher and student encouragement, etc.

that I couldn't resist
> the urge to write this response.  
UNFORTUNATELY, LFS destroyed his/her credibility by noting that his/her critique
was done without looking at the content. May I suggest that the seemingly
"offensive title" ought not to preclude a fair review. After all, if the book is
a load of hooey, it will only become apparent upon a careful review. If anything
we must be careful  to give anyone and everyone an opportunity to present what
they believe will solve our rather dismal mathematics education in the U.S.,as
evidenced by a number of assessments and proxy indicators. Have this book sent
to a number of reviewers at author(s) expense. Then let the chips fall where
they may.

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