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Topic: math learning tool idea

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Subject:   RE: math learning tool idea
Author: bobk544
Date: May 4 2008
ok i just started testing an approach and if anyone has any ideas or knows of a
tool that is doing the same thing please let me know so i can start using it

but what i've been able to do so far is go into Wikipedia and lookup "binomial
distrubution" for example and save that as a html and then rename it as a WORD
document ".doc" and it pretty much keeps the same content with links and i can
then add my own links within  the document or can link to another Wikipedia from
an existing link or i can add another link.

so what i'm going to do, hopefully  eventually we will do in a collaborative build a many dimentional learning tool where we can hyperlink all
the way back to the very basics and eventually, i will create a meta map
hierarchy showing exactly where you are in the linkages, so for someone like me
who is in and out math on a regular basis, i will at any time be able to
re-navigate thru concepts, history which i love to read about people like
Newton and Markov, link to interative tools, actual data, reports or anything
that will sync up the concepts.

so if you would like to help in this sub-Wikipedia endevor please feel free to
add any new concepts, ideas ect ect!

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