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Topic: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files

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Subject:   RE: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files
Author: tescott
Date: Apr 13 2009
On Apr  5 2009, Cuts wrote:
> Hi Craig,
I have the same problem - combining multiple Word and GSP
> files into a single PDF file - for my dissertation. I wonder what
> worked best for you?

On Aug 11 2008, Geomaster wrote:
> Does anyone know the best desktop publisher for compiling Geometer's
> > Sketchpad drawings into a single document?

I need to compile a
> > combination of various Word documents and GSP files into a single
> > document, a huge book, a "Teacher's Edition!"

Out of the 450-
> 500
> pages now ready to be placed into the book, there will be
> around 40
> or so pages from Word while the other 400-450 pages
> will be composed
> of single-page Geometer Sketchpad (GSP) files.
> All of those GSP
> files will have to be individually opened and
> then copied over into
> the desktop publisher, so I need a software
> package/publisher that
> is really easy and straightforward to work
> with (and one which will
> not alter the GSP drawings in any way).
> Please understand my
> problem: I cannot use Word (I refuse to use
> Word!). The dilemma is
> this: To cut and paste all of the 450 GSP
> files into a single Word
> document is mickey-mouse because Word
> allows unacceptable
> inaccuracies in the sketches (for instance,
> geometry points are
> obviously "off" compared to the way they
> appear/print in the GSP
> program).  The results are a disgrace to
> the great sketches put out
> by GSP!!  And I certainly would not
> put out such trash.

> what is the best, easiest, and
> most accurate desktop publisher to
> use for compiling all my Word
> and GSP files so I can build a single,
> 500-page document to call
> "the book" and afterwards convert it to a
> pdf?

(There is no
> need for a "Table of Contents" function as I am
> manually
> paginating the book.)

Please, help me find some solid
> leads so
> I can get this thing done before the summer ends!

> thanks,
> Craig

First, I would download a free copy of OpenOffice 3.0, which supports the
creation of PDF files. Create a new file using Writer.

Next, I would export each GSP document in Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF)
format, which preserves the dimensions of the graphics produced by GSP. When you
import the GSP document into OpenOffice Writer (Import Picture), you have the
option of importing the entire graphic, or only a link to the graphic. When
printing or viewing, the link will open the graphic.

Insert your Word documents into the Writer file using Insert, File.

Since OpenOffice supports the creation of PDFs, you do not need to go to another
program for this conversion.

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