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Topic: Interactive whiteboard resources - elementary teachers
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Subject:   RE: Interactive whiteboard resources - elementary teachers
Author: E Tan
Date: Jul 10 2009
Hi Ted

I tried your Partition3.swf.  It is nice to use.  I faced a problem when I tried
to make small numbers to fill up the weighing bowl.  The bowl was full and I
have not reach the required total number.  I was stucked, help!!

On Jun 30 2009, wrote:
> I am a primary school teacher from England.

I have been making
> maths resources using Flash and have recently launched a website to
> share these resources with fellow teachers.

My resources are
> based on the British curriculum, but maths is maths (or should that
> be maths is math) and I'm sure the resources would be equally useful
> to American teachers.

I started programming because I could not
> find the resources I wanted for my interactive whiteboard. In
> particular there was one objective - to be able to break up numbers
> in different ways - so I made:

to be able to teach
> the objective.

All my activities are designed as teaching tools,
> and are simple and quick to use. They are designed to get children
> up to the whiteboard and engage a whole class.

I would love to
> have feedback from teachers - which activities do you find useful,
> which did the children enjoy? Constructive criticism is always
> welcome.

I would also like to know if there are any activities
> you would like to see, or objectives that you find difficult to
> teach that you would like a specific whiteboard teaching tool.
> Thanks
Ted Burch

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