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Topic: FREE GeoGebra Workshop (and Conference)

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Subject:   FREE GeoGebra Workshop (and Conference)
Author: LFS
Date: Apr 22 2010
GEOGEBRA:  Ithaca College in New York is hosting the First North American
GeoGebra Conference from July 27-28, 2010

On July 26 there will be special pre-conference workshops for teachers K-12!
It will include both introductory and more advanced workshops.
The workshop is FREE to K-12 teachers and lunch will be provided.  A
certificate of completion will be provided at the conclusion of the workshop.

Participants can also attend the Conference itself on July 27 and 28 at Ithaca
College.  The registration fee for the conference is waived and meals will be
provided free of charge.  It will be a great opportunity for teachers to meet
each other and make connections and exchange practical research and


OTHER PARTICIPANTS: The Conference itself is still open for participants too!
Please come and share your experiences with using GeoGebra.

From LFS who absolutely loves GeoGebra for teaching mathematics!

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