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Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: KC Mowrey
Date: Jul 29 2010
On Jul 29 2010, JimS wrote:
> I haven't seen any responses to this question.  Are there any math
> teachers out there that are finding success with this tool,
> especially with subjects from Algebra I and above?
there are tutorials for using the smartboard on line +Resource/Teachers+Hub/Getting+started/SBiW.htm +Search
there are more but I have not looked at them in 2 years
things change...
good luck
the portable clip board that lets you write on the smartboard from anywhere in
the room is a cool add on

I have a ti 83 plus that I use for my smartboard... it gets larger or smaller as
the one on my web page does not change sizes
but it is free
I can send you my smartboard ti 83 if you send me your email
or you can purchase a nifty ti84plus with all the bells and whistles for about

have fun

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