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Topic: ONPAR Pilot

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Subject:   ONPAR Pilot
Author: Moni McGlone
Date: Jul 14 2017
The Institute for Innovative Assessment (IIA) at the University of Wisconsin -
Madison is seeking middle school math & science teachers to participate in the
2017-18 “ONPAR” pilot.
ONPAR is a computerized classroom assessment system used to support teaching and
assessing students’ knowledge of complex content. These assessments integrate
into existing classroom curriculum and use engaging multi-media to reduce
accessibility-barriers for all students, especially English learners (ELs) and
other students who struggle with language-heavy traditional tests.
Each complete ONPAR unit contains three formative assessment tasks and one
end-of-unit test accessed via an online portal. ONPAR assessments are
intended to be used in concert with other classroom assessments, and serve as an
additional, evidence-based indicator of students' progress towards rigorous
learning goals.
Sophisticated auto-scoring techniques provide automatic and immediate score
reports to students and teachers keyed to the CCSS content and practice
standards (grade 7 math) and the three dimensions of learning as outlined in the
Next Generation Science Standards (6 – 8 science).
Participating teachers receive full training and a stipend. Optional
professional development is available to participating districts at no cost.

More Info:
This video provides a brief overview of ONPAR assessments.
The projects page of the IIA website includes examples of older ONPAR

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to schedule a demo,
please contact me.

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