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Topic: Famous Mathematical Tools for Mobile Phones

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Subject:   Famous Mathematical Tools for Mobile Phones
Author: MobileMaths
Date: Jul 11 2008
The full versions of  MobileMaths (for keypad mobile phones) and TouchMaths (for
touchscreen mobile phones) programs are the most powerful mathematical tools for
mobile phones. The programs are  must-have for students, engineers and
researchers. our website: MobileMaths/TouchMaths
program includes a lot of applications with a large of features. The famous
mobilemaths/touchmaths is designed in order to fullfill the needs of every
one(student, engineer, researcher... .). By using mobilemaths/touchmaths you can
make your handset as home computer and will get substantially all of the
computing capabilities desired by a large fraction of the public. All the
calculations made by mobilemaths/touchmaths are very accurate. The program is
proposed for mobile phones running java (MIDP 2.0, cldc 1.1).
1. Professional Calculator
2. Equation Solver
3. Definite Integration
4. Function Solver
5. Linear System Solver
6. Powerful Graph 2D
7. Powerful Graph 3D
8. Powerful Curve
    Fitting (Regression)
9. Statistics
10. Matrix Operations
11. Interpolation using
     Cubic Spline
12. Unit Conversion
13. Powerful Periodic Table
14. Powerful Molecular
      weight calculations
15. Opening files from
      phone/card memory
For mor info:

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