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Topic: Triangle Congruence ARC at NCTM
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Subject:   Triangle Congruence ARC at NCTM
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jul 28 2016
One of the new ARCs (Activities with Rigor and Coherence) that NCTM offers under
the Classroom Resources tab on their site, refers teachers to the Congruence
Theorems tool. Here's some navigation that may be helpful:

Activities with Rigor and Coherence - ARCs

Triangle Congruence
Middle School, Geometry
Students discover the area formulas for triangles, parallelograms, and
trapezoids. They apply formulas to find areas of irregular figures.

Triangle Congruence: Lesson 3
More Triangle Congruence Shortcuts
Investigate congruence by manipulating the parts (sides and angles) of a
triangle. Which shortcuts guarantee congruence?

Feel free to discuss/comment here in Math Tools and/or engage in online
discussions with other math educators, post a comment, and give feedback with
ratings and reviews on the NCTM website.


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