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Topic: tPoW list - new feature

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Subject:   tPoW list - new feature
Author: Suzanne
Date: Oct 15 2011
During the most recent Orientation Session that I ran focused on our Technology
Problems of the Week there were two comments asking about the appropriate
course/topic of the tPoWs. I explained that all of the tPoWs are cataloged in
Math Tools and that information could be found on each of the catalog pages ...
but ... then I got to thinking that I could gather that information and display
in on the tPoW list. I've just finished that:

You can see that between the tPoW name and short description there is now a link
in [brackets] noting the course and topics and also that text hyperlinks to the
corresponding Math Tools page.

Using tPoWs is free! Visit this page:

to find out more about how to access them. If you sign-up for a free account
you can then also make accounts for your students and use the functionality we
use for our regular Problems of the Week.

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