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Discussion: All Lesson Plans in Algebra
Topic: What is a binomial?

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Subject:   RE: What is a binomial?
Author: Mathman
Date: Apr 29 2005
On Apr 29 2005, The Math Guy wrote:
> Eric...I like this kind of discussion - thinking about our thinking.
> And in my way of thinking, 2x+3x is a binomial but 5x is a monomial.
> The name is a statement about the state of the expression - written
> as 2x+3x we have the sum of two terms, a binomial but written as 5x
> we have a single term.  You change the state and you can change what
> you call them.  Water is a solid, a liquid, and a gas depending on
> its state at that moment.  But it is still water.

Not just your way of thinking. You are correct I believe, since the [binomial]
expression of 2x + 3x will be treated in other operations just as well as is 2x
+ 3y.  If necessary, you could write it as 2x + 3y, then as other conditions
apply, like y = x, the "y" can be replaced by an "x" afterwards throughout.
Possibly not an advantge, but certainly there if you need it.  After all, "x"
and "y" are jsut arbitrary variable names.


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