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Subject:   RE: PLEASE HELP!
Author: Mathman
Date: Feb 10 2006
On May 17 2004, Hugh wrote:
> I am completly lost when it comes to "slope of a line."  Can anybody
> help?

I have no intention of chasing you away, but please consider the following:

Since it is well decribed in any standard text, it would do no good then to
simply regurgitate those facts.  So, you might indicate what you have done, and
where you might be struggling in particular.

I'd suggest one useful newsgroup, or Dr. Math in the math
forum.  Google for each, or use Free Agent newsreader to get to the first. Both
contain several people willing to assist by more intensive back and forth
dialogue than can be described here perhaps.

Further, if you can afford it, a tutor would be a really good idea if lost in
this important concept.


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