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Subject:   RE: PLEASE HELP!
Author: Mathman
Date: Feb 11 2006
On Feb 11 2006, safa wrote:
> can you explain more plz

OK.  Download and install a program called Free Agent.  Use it to get into
usenet newsgroups.  OR, you can get there through Google News.  There, you'll
see a LOT of junk groups, but you'll also find newsgroup where
a number of people are more thasn willingto answer specific questions.

I am not being intentionally rude, but as much as I "help" people who have tried
and floundered, I do not "teach" what is readily available in a textbook, and
the definition of slope is there.  That is, if you asked how to spell a word,
I'd hand you the dictionary.  Slope is very specific:  The difference in
y-values divided by the difference in x-values.  If you had some specific
problem you had tried, and showed what you had done, there could possibly be
some help given, but again, I strongly suggest trying that newsgroup first.


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