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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Froshtchr
Date: Oct 10 2006
I make a calender for the Month. It has cute pictures, holidays posted. On
Monday the students write the homework assignments on the dates of the calender.
At the start of class they put their homework and the calender on their desks. I
give them the warm-up and while they do it, I walk around and look at
homework, put a stamp on the date (da bomb, you goofed off, a foot, a pyramid, a
holiday theme)or my initials or a zero if it is not done at all or a sort of
grade out of 10 points. The grade depends on whether the assignment is a first
try for a skill or  something closer to a summative representation. The students
keep this calender and give it to me on Friday so that I can put the grades in
the grade book. I think that if teachers do not make homework important: grade
it, look at it, talk to the child about it the students need to know that the
teacher cares about homework completion and them. This holds the students
responsible for their grades. It also shows them the zeros for the not done
work, because if one just collects work and turns it back to the students then
the non-homeworker doesn't ever see the zero. The students in my classes at
first6 lose the calender but when they see I am serious they have the calenders
ready and get upset if i do not get to see the work during the period because of
something else that has come up. This is not to say that all my students do
homework but it has increased what is done. Parents also like this because they
often do not understand the algebra itself but they can ask their student to
show them the stamp sheet so that they can see what the student has been doing.
I wpork in a school that is 60% below the poverty level. It is suburban and
ethnically mixed. My asignments are not ones that the textbook author
recommends. I pick and choose what students must do but every night they must do
something; that way there is no question or I forgot. I also find that if
students do not do the homework, more often than not it is because they don't
understand what to do. Students do not like to put junk on a paper. They do not
like to show that they can't do something. Therefore I say that one must write
the problem they can't do and they will get credit for that. It gives them a
start when we work selected problems in class. I also when teaching honors
classes ask them to write what they think they might try to do. None of the
above is the final answer and I am always looking for new ways to help students
succeed. The scatter plot of homework versus grades has been highly suggested
with the added idea that data is for informative purposes only and not for
ridicule. Good luck to you all.

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