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Discussion: All Activities
Topic: the use of technology

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Subject:   RE: the use of technology
Author: LFS
Date: May 7 2008
Hooray to you Exteban!
And with a tablet/slate your students can make mathcasts and voicethreads (see ://
And $300 is for a wireless tablet!
You can get decent wired tablets for $50-70.

BTW: InterWrite SchoolPad (about $400), a wireless graphics tablet that comes
with its own annotation and recording software InterWrite Workspace. The
purchase of a single SchoolPad gives the school a site license and also allows
the software to be installed on home computers as well. This makes the tablet
completely mobile. (And no, I don't work for them - i just think it great that
you get a site license so you can just take the tablet from room to room !)

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