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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Mean, Median, and Mode

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Subject:   SOME online applets and lessons for mean/median/mode
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Apr 16 2003
Check out the NCTM Illuminations site, for an
applet-based exploration using histograms.

Shodor's site offers an
interactive applet--you can determine the number of data points, then you get
a slider for each one.  Watch the mean, median, and mode change (or not!) as you
move various sliders.  This site is especially useful for showing the effect of
outliers on the mean!

The Math/Science/Technology in Education (MSTE) site at UIUC offers a
graphic-rich tutorial on mean, median, and mode, with teacher comments:

Another site I have found useful offers some activities you might want to adapt
to seventh graders.  This is from a summer research project out of Queensland,
Australia--the site's name is "Exploring Data."  Check out for some activities involving
"location" (or measures of center).

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