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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   word of mouth
Author: grc
Date: May 5 2003
1) When/if 2) you would like word of mouth passed out, would you like it to be
passed out to groups of people (teachers), or to individual teachers?  If you
want it passed out to individual teachers, my question would then be if that
selectivity would not perpetuate and reinforce homogeneity among responses...?
I am curious as to how you could even go about getting a widespread sample of
teachers.  For instance, if you advertised in NCTM publications, you would be
appealing for input from teachers who read those publications, and many teachers
probably do not read NCTM publications.  I am wondering, is it going to be
possible to reach outlier teachers?  This seems to me to be an interesting
question, because these outlier teachers may be likely to use less technology
and perhaps be less up with the times.  (I realize that this is a huge leap and
is perhaps an incorrect/unfair conjecture on my part.)  Is it fair to suggest
that outliers might be the hard cases, to not only 1) reach and 2) get feedback
from, but to 3) tantalize with the teaching possibilities that technology opens

Please, Suzanne and anyone reading this, feel free to leap on what I've said if
you disagree, esp. because I am merely guessing, speculating, and your
opinions/speculations about this should have more depth than my own.

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