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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   Revise the Agreement
Author: steve
Date: Jun 5 2003

Yes, that form was adapted from another purpose on the Math Forum, and I believe
that paragraph should be deleted for these purposes. We'll link to a variation,
probably by the time you check.

-- steve

On Jun 05, 2003, jduffin wrote:

I am interested in posting a story using the form you have made available.
However, I am also preparing an article based on it for submission to one of the
NCTM journals.

The following verbage on the Non-Exclusive Contribution Agreement makes me
leary of posting my story:

You have the right to use or republish the Contribution as you see fit, provided
that the Contribution does not appear in an electronic or written publication
that directly competes with Web pages or electronic or written publications of
the Math Forum @ Drexel or its licensees.


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