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Topic: ON Math NCTM's Electronic Journal

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Subject:   ON Math NCTM's Electronic Journal
Author: Ann Carlyle
Date: Jul 4 2004
I am a member of the editorial panel for ON-Math, NCTM's electronic journal.
ON-Math, the newest NCTM peer-reviewed journal, is committed to providing
members with interesting and relevant articles that take advantage of electronic
media. Currently, ON-Math has an immediate need for articles appropriate our
elementary audience. The Editorial Panel of ON-Math wishes to encourage you to
consider enhancing your print article(s) by adding an interactive component then
submitting for consideration as an ON-Math article.

We also encourage authors to use video clips, audio clips and/or the many
public-domain interactive applets that are currently available. Sources
include the following:

The Illuminations project:
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics:
VirtualMath, Science, and Technology Education Java Activities:
The Math Forum's MathTools:
The Mathematical Sciences Digital Library:

The submission guidelines and document preparation sections found at provide
information about the logistics of submitting a manuscript. You are also welcome
to contact NCTM with any questions you may have.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

For the ON-Math Editorial Panel

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