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Discussion: Developer's Area
Topic: Toolfest Possibilities

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Subject:   Toolfest Possibilities
Author: tackweed
Date: Jul 30 2004
Possible program/scripts/etc
1) A JS line plot program which would create line plots/double line plots (e.g.,
boys/vs girls) for things like height, shoe size, etc. based on student data
2)a program/web page/flash-type movie or some combination that might show a
progressions from a point to a line to a square to a cube and a similar process
for point - radius-circle-sphere.
3) a program/script to graph inequalites (one variable - e.g., x > -2)
4) Other - other possible area are a frequency table script; a movie/page, etc.
on basic exponents - relating them to calculator functions also.

As a seventh grade teacher, my main emphasis is to provide a good grounding in
the basic notions of math - not just quick solvers. Ideally, programs can show
the process as well as the result.

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