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Topic: MathDash Feedback Request

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Subject:   RE: MathDash Feedback Request
Author: maxmathforum
Date: Apr 6 2012
Hi Math Dashers,

I posted on your survey but also wanted to see if we could get a discussion
started among all the smart Math and Tech folks here...

I'm wondering how best to handle the part of the game where two numbers are
combined to make a new digit that's their sum.

If you combine 8 and 6 to get 14, the game currently gives you a 1 digit and a 4
digit. The 1 no longer represents a 1 in the 10s place with a value of 10

To me, that seems like it might subtly reinforce student misconceptions of place
value, and I wonder about other options:

-What if combining 8 and 6 made a 4 and ten 1's?
-What if the user got to choose, quickly, what three numbers they wanted to
partition 14 into?

What else? What are the pluses and minuses of each plan?


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