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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: Representation of concepts

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Subject:   RE: Representation of concepts
Author: rabeldin
Date: Mar 11 2005
I believe that different people have different preferred ways of representing
concepts. There are concepts like analogies which can best be shown by listing
corresponding aspects. Relationships between things can often be portrayed
geometrically by arrows between points. Richard Feynman reported that he
visualized subexpressions in mathematical formulae by distinguishing colors for
exponents and coefficients. Kekule was reported to have visualized molecules and
atoms as color coded spheres dancing in space.

What is certainly important to teach students is that they have to work to find
the best way of using their own minds as tools. While we can encourage this
private exploration, we cannot systematize it very well. One of the ways to
provoke some thought is to open up our own private thoughts, even at the risk of
some cynical ridicule from others.

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