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Topic: Educational Challenges

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Subject:   RE: Educational Challenges
Author: Kiran1978
Date: Jul 28 2006
On Jul 18 2006, omnicity wrote:
> PeeJay:
I'm glad you like the site - any ideas what other
> challenges I could try?


Hi Mike,

Its really great to see that the website is so good. The basic idea of the
challenges should be to learn math concepts the fun way.KIndly try out the
suggestions given below and let me if it is good.
1.  Find the missing number ( addition, subtraction and multiplication )
2.  Nail the apple ( Some sort of a game where pirates are stealing apples and
the children get it back from them by solving simple mathematical questions)

Try the website its wonderful tool. You can apply for a free
trial for 2 weeks and its got lots of good stuff in maths


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