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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Online tutorials

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Subject:   Online tutorials
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Sep 17 2003
The article titled "'Intelligent' tutor aids science students online"
( ), cites the
publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston stating that "Our market research shows
that tutorial programs are the No. 1 supplement requested by teachers".

Do you agree, disagree? How does this relate to the goals and flavor of the Math
Tools DL?

Of course it probably depends on how you define a tutorial. My guess, that the
way they are using it means as a self-contained insequence of instructional
activities that provide instructions, examples, practice activities, immediate
feedback, and quizzes. I'm guessing that one of the key aspects of this type of
instruction is that it releaves much of the burden from teachers having to
deliver information, organize the activities etc.

It seems like most of the resources in the Math Tools DL could be used to create
a tutorial, but are not tutorials as they stand. What do you think the benefits
and weaknesses of tutorials are?

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