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Topic: PolygonFlux resources on line
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Subject:   PolygonFlux resources on line
Author: moduality
Date: Dec 30 2012
This tool is based on an active area of geometric research, "Polygon Billiards".
The website has a number of resources - a FAQ, a gallery and
screenshots, and a history of programming this problem over the decades.

You can also view the Help page for the app on-line even if you don't have an
iPad (without purchasing the app).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an iPad with a "Retina" display, the current version
of PolygonFlux won't be able to relocate the "shooter".  This will be fixed in
the next release.  You can still change the angle, number of bounces, and
themes.  You just can't drag the shooter.

Comments and suggestions are welcome... I will be updating Flux in January

John Miller
PolygonFlux author/developer

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