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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: Web Presentations
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Subject:   Posting stuff for students
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Mar 19 2003
WebCT and Blackboard, two "asynchronous learning" packages widely used by
colleges, are ideal for posting things.  On WebCT you can adjust availabilty on
any item--by date, for instance, or make it available only to certain
students. A caution about posting Powerpoint (or any software-specific
product):  the computer from which a student is browsing must have the software
to read your file, unless you're able to embed a "viewer" in your web site.
With Powerpoint (and lots of other current software) you have the option to
"save as html" or to save in pdf format--either of these would be readable by
most computers/browsers [by now, most computers probably have Adobe's Acrobat
Reader installed].
Unfortunately, I know this fact ONLY because I have seen it demonstrated.  I use
WebCT for all my courses this year (and used Blackboard last year), but I
haven't had the time to get all the permissions set up.  This year, one of my
three preps is for a course I have taught before, and I had to start from
scratch on the other two.  Next year I'll have the same problem.  If I knew I
were going to teach the same course(s) for two or three or more years, I would
incrementally improve my "WebCT presence."

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