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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: Math maturity
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Subject:   RE: Math maturity
Author: moursund
Date: Aug 3 2004
Math maturity seems like it might be related to or somewhat similar to Piagetian
Development. When a typical student is at the Preoperational Level on the
Piagetian scale, the studetn is apt to be at a similiar level on some sort of
Math Maturity scale.

Research suggests that in industrialized nations such as the US, only about 35%
of students reach formal operations by the time they finish high school. That
is, most high school students are still mostly functioning at a Concret
Operations level, and just begining to show iighs of some Formal Operations from
time to time.

However, courses such as algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2 tend to have a
significant orientation toward the types of abstractness and use of symbols that
constitute a definiiton of Formal Operations. From this I conclude taht
significant parts of the high school math curriculum are being taught at a
significantly higher Piagetian level (or, math maturiyt level) than many of the
students who take these cuorses have achieved. I wonder if other math teachers
think this. Also, how is this situation affected by Math Tools?

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