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Discussion: (missing item)
Topic: Virtual coin toss
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Subject:   RE: Virtual coin toss
Author: Craig
Date: Apr 21 2004
You might check the applet at  This lets you
set the number of flips from 1 up to 60, and the probability of getting heads
(in essence a biased coin) however you wish.  The applet shows results of a
single trial, and graphs both the "expected" distribution for lots of trials and
the empirical distribution for the trials the user performs.  You can do trials
one at a time, or up to a thousand at a whack.

In terms of polyhedral die, you might try "spinner" applets--they'll do the
same sorts of thing.  The site includes
several involving 6-sided dice, even some with strangely balanced dice, and
experiments combining coins and dice, among others.

A caution for using either of these sites: depending on the level of your
student, they might contain  too much (or else too little) information.  One
nice feature is that the authors allow you to copy just the applet for inclusion
in your own web site, so that you can write instructions/lessons/activities
involving the applet(s) custom-tailored for your students.

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