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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: Squeak! (Really...)

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Subject:   RE: Squeak! (Really...) - a little history
Author: Jon
Date: Sep 29 2004
On Sep 28 2004, ihor wrote:
> >I attended a "Squeakfest" a couple of weekends ago.  Squeak is a
> visual,
>drag-and-drop programming language... video information
> about it claims it
>is descended from LOGO.

Alan Kay tells the
> story of the "religious" experience he had when he visited Seymour
> Papert at MIT in the late 60s. Watching what Papert was doing with
> kids with Logo made him realize that a personal computer ought to be
> something that children should be able to use creatively. It
> inspired him along with his colleagues at Xerox Parc to develop
> Smalltalk which eventually evolved into Squeak.


I heard Alan Kay give a great talk at the NCTM national in San Francisco about
his Dynabook vision and the work he was doing with ETOYS and have wanted to play
with them ever since. I downloaded Squeak, did their three tutorials and have
spent the last half an hour delightfully driving my custom car all over my
Powerbook screen. Squeak is very Logo like in ways but has a very well thought
out interface and some great graphics tools. If you have the time I highly
recommend palying with it. There is a great deal of otential here. Also, if you
haven't read Dealers of Lightning : Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age
(ISBN: 0887309895) , a short history of what happened at Xerox PARC starting in
the 60s, you might want to as it has a lot about Alan Kay and the mouse
interface used on all computers now.

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