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Discussion: All Activities in Calculus on Computer
Topic: Intigration

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Subject:   RE: Intigration
Author: Mathman
Date: May 5 2006
On May  5 2006, ihor wrote:
>What I find unproductive at least in
> this forum is to discuss the pros and cons of technology in general.

The problem is that they are intertwined.  However, unravelling that would lead
to lengthy discussion, and again, I do respect the good people here including
yourself, so I'll pass.  I can only add that old saying, "Whatever works."  I
use computer programs extensively myself[**],  but I have much to fall back on.
Young people do not.  You might note how I immediately decided that a first step
in the present problem might be partial fractions, and that I noted having done
that quite quickly by hand.  Sometimes there is a need for a computer, and
sometimes not, and that to me is of primary importance.

[**] Some might not know, but, for example, one way to solve some otherwise
irresolvable equation problems is with a graphing program such as Graphmatica.
For example, to find a solution to a mixed function equation, one can split it
into two, and find a point of intersection, after a few Zooms into that area] as
the solution.  On the other hand, I'd teach number systems using a basket full
of ping-pong balls, and sets of different size paper/plastic cups or tubes of
similar diameter.  Teaching geometry [and more, including trig] ...the old tin
box, Pi, and perhaps sqrt(5).

Good fortune.  O.K. *now* I'm done.  :)


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