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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Homework
Author: BruceTchr
Date: Aug 11 2006
Students who are interested in good grades will do their homework, especially if
the homework is graded daily. I give 10 problems a night, requiring all work
shown, and an answer column. In that way I can tell quickly the children who are
working and working well. Then I average the homework grades and count that as
25% of the report card grade. I spiral homework so that 2 questions refer to
work from 2 months back, 2 questions from 6 weeks back, 2 questions from 4 weeks
back, 2 questions from 2 weeks back, and 2 questions from last week. This
reviews previous learnings constantly. Since homework is spiraled, assignments
can be planned in advance, and a teacher never has a problem where the lesson is
not finished and the students don't know how to do the work.

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