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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: Re: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Re: Homework
Author: Mathman
Date: Sep 22 2006
On Sep 20 2006, Boucly wrote:
Does anyone know a way that I can motivate
> myself a lot more than I do now?

A friend of mine had an athletic son failing phyical education [and a few
others.]  The teacher said he didn't even want him in the class the following
year.  The parent took him out of school and got him a job where he worked
...the dirtiest job available, with the promise that this would be his
occupation if he didn't complete school.  He was digging ditches, 12 hour
shifts, working with some immigrants; nice people, but he could not converse
readily. He came home dead beat and crashed time for anything else, no
social life to speak of.

The following year, he attended school, and got 100% in phys ed, and not too
shabby in the others.

It's your life.  Motivate yourself.


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