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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Boucly
Date: Oct 3 2006
On Oct  2 2006, gmr wrote:
> As a student, I am most likely to do my homework when I feel it
> benefits me somehow. For math homework it's a matter of getting the
> difficulty level right. If the homework is too easy, I won't want to
> do it. On the other hand, if it's too hard and I have no way
> solution manual I tend to get stuck in a rut and give up. With this
> in mind, I'd say having the solutions available is definitely a huge
> motivator.

I guess that's where it is different from pupil to pupil. I really don't mind
doing the easy things, in fact, I don't even mind redoing a whole chapter of
exercise in class or as homework. It would be excellent revision. I guess mainly
that's because in order to do good in Maths, a solid basic technique for
calculation is needed such that even 1616 comes to head as 256 in an instant.
That way, building up on that is a piece of cake since everything is an
extension of another. Going back to do other things can solidify your
understanding of things much better than trying hard on something that you
struggle with. But GMR, I know what you mean. The right level would be one that
start of as slow break through, then understand and then you can just sped
ahead.  Of course, I know most people, or rather most people that I know, just
listen and understood what the teacher was on about and then pretend to know and
not do anything to solidify their understanding. Personally, I don't really mind
what Maths question I do, as long as it is not Greek to me, I am going to do


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