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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 5 2006
On Oct  4 2006, Siew wrote:

> No doubt, the student would fail if he/she chooses to ignore
> homework.  In the same token, teachers and parents fail if they
> choose to let it happen. I think it is teachers' job to motivate and
> encourage homework by students as far as possible, and the parents'
> to create the environment at home for school work by the child.  I
> do agree that some parents are not giving priority to supervising
> and ensuring homework is done and failing in their duties of
> guidance.

I agree.  However, it it not what should be done so much as the extent to which
it should be done.  When one or two decide to not do homework then they should
suffer the consequences of their actions.  When most decide to not do their
homework, it is because they KNOW that they will be passed along in any case.
Perhaps I'm advocating a "tough love" policy, depending upon the circmstances. A
policy must suit the situation as it stands, and must be designed to accomplish
what best suits the majoriy.  I realise that in saying this, I've opened another
can of worms on school policies for passing a subject, but there is a definite
link with policy and general behaviour.  Sometimes tough love hurts for a while,
but when it is realised that those who succeed REALLY succeed, then there can be
a huge turnaround.

Example in another instance:  Nice young lady in grade 9 decided to not take an
assignment seriously.  Very upset when all got good to excellent results
compared to her very poor results, and a redo was adamantly refused.  She
persevered, and did good work after that.  At a later date when I was sure she
had earned it, i then told her the former results would not count against her.
To have done so at the beginning would have set the stage for future lack of
effort. She finished second in the class, and said "Thank you." for the best
lesson she had that year.


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