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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: thekingster
Date: Oct 14 2006
On Oct  4 2006, markovchaney wrote:
> But I'll
> ask one set of questions: what is it about how we present math to
> students that makes it so unappealing, for the most part, that they
> see homework as drudgery and punishment, and celebrate when the
> teacher doesn't assign any? What makes TEACHERS clearly acknowledge
> that homework is in fact drudgery and punishment by offering
> "homework passes" as rewards in class? Why can't we give assignments
> that students look forward to doing? Is math a matter of "no pain,
> no gain," and, if so, is that a NECESSARY condition of learning the
> subject? Of most subjects?

I would say the problem is with students...not with subject matter or "how" it's
presented.  I resist the false notion that mathematics has to be dressed up in
fancy new clothing so that we can appeal to the myspace generation.

Websites, such as myspace, prove one thing: kids will always strive for which
they are intrinsically interested.  No "perceived" benefit = not interested.
"Special Education" kids have "issues" with language, math, etc...but put them
in front of a PS2 and all LD issues subside.  Why? Because the PS2 = fun.

What needs to be ascertained is "why" teachers so readily cave when it comes to
holding kids to a particular standard.  All my SPED kids are failing...and
refuse to do basic tasks, regardless of the "modifications" presented.  This
bothers me on so many ethical levels it's not funny.  I have to modify
curriculum so they pass.  [Read: don't hold them to any standard.  Pass =
success.]  Yay!  Let's stand around and sing kumbaya.  Let's pat ourselves on
our collective backs.  Yay.  The kids we're instructing are below functioning
illiterates...Yay!  Yay!  Buy them things that spin and whir.
Don't force them to do anything.  Heaven's, no!

I agree with another poster.  Here's an idea---do your homework, or Fail!
The choice is yours...

I am inherently pro-child and pro-life.  I'm thinking about telling my kids
I'm pro-choice.  "Listen kids, I'm pro-choice.  If you 'choose' not to do
your homework, I feel compelled to tell you that I 'choose' to fail you."

Spread the word.  Hold them all to a standard.  Don't back down.  Don't submit
blindly to the " more with less and don't achieve 'any' results

By the way, I'm new to the forum and I believe in homework.

I am Steven King...and I approved this message.

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