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Discussion: All Lesson Plans on Presentation software
Topic: Lesson Plans on Power Point

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Subject:   RE: Lesson Plans on Power Point
Author: Don Link
Date: Jul 6 2006
On Jul  1 2006, swhitt wrote:
> Although I'm not new to computers, I AM new to Power Point.  Is this
> software a good way to present math lessons?  Has anyone had any
> luck with this?

I use Powerpoint almost everyday in teaching 6th grade math.  I leaarned it in
the corporate world and have transferred those skills to teaching in the last
four years.

Teaching math well with Powerpoint has forced me to learn about many of the less
used features of the toll, like effective animation and Action Settings for
interactivity.  I believe good Powerpoint lessons can be especially effective in
learning many concepts and procedures.

I have saved three exaamples of lessons I've created on my website at

Feel free to look at them.  I'd also appreciated any feedback that would help me
improve either the Powerpoint or the mathematics.

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