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Discussion: All Lesson Plans in Algebra on Computer
Topic: Shodor lessons

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Subject:   RE: Shodor lessons
Author: Mathman
Date: Jan 26 2006
On Jan 26 2006, Craig wrote:

>Here's a slider I'd
> like to see, just for fun (and I have almost succeeded in creating
> one in Geometer's Sketchpad): an "eccentricity" slider.  Slide from
> 0 through 3, say, and see a conic section change from a circle,
> through ellipses, to a parabola, then through hyperbolas.  I can get
> the effect by using overhead transparencies with parallel lines
> and/or concentric circles...

I haven't tried it, but you might look at Cabri 3D.  Here's one reference:

I also see your point, and would have loved to have had some software suitable
for students to view vectors in 3D.  That is still something to look forward to.
I have the fortunate, or unfortunate capability to visualise 3D in my head.
Many do not, nor should be expected to.  My sister-in-law knows nothing
about math, but is a consummate artist. She can see what I can not.  I could
glance at a blotch of black paint-smears and instantly see an image.  A friend
had one pinned on the wall, and couldn't see it in his lifetime.  Any aids are
worthwhile, so long as not too much is expected.  With all the aids in the
world, I might draw better stick-people, but still stick-people.

I'll check out this possibility further through a connection or two, and will
get back ASAP, especially if I find something positive.


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