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Discussion: All Lesson Plans in Math 6
Topic: Outdoor math

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Subject:   RE: Outdoor math
Author: Davem
Date: Mar 14 2007
On Mar 13 2007, mommee04 wrote:
> Any good ideas for an outdoor activity to use with the coordinate
> plane for students grades 6-7

Orienteering.  Last year we did this with our grade 6 year group, they loved

We went to the park beforehand with a map, laid out cones borrowed from the PE
dept according to a simple grid we'd set up and scaled to fit the map.
Admittedly we were doing orientation, if you want to stick to the coordinate
plane you could give clues for them to work out the coordinates.

You may find, if you teach bearings in grades 6/7 that you could do some
orienteering too.  It worked really well as, despite it being basically a large
open field, the cones were so low that they were practically invisible from a
distance, so the kids really did have to work at it.

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