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Discussion: All Tools in Geometry
Topic: fractals

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Subject:   Sources for fractals
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Jul 25 2003
On Jul 23, 2003, Alyssa wrote:
What tools are needed to produce fractals?

Let me suggest that you check out some of Bob DeVaney's work-- has a list of useful applets; I (and my
students) have particularly enjoyed for producing Sierpinski
figures.  Depending on how far you want to go, there is a neat exploration of
the "boundary" areas of the Mandelbrot set at

In addition, the Shodor applet at allows students to make
snowflake curves, dragon curves, and a variety of other figures.

Finally, the textbook "The Heart of Mathematics" (Burger and Starbird, published
by Key College Press)has some interesting material about fractals; the web site
with applets supporting the text is at
check out Barnsley's fern and some of the other activites.  By the way, I
recently read this textbook cover to cover--it was truly a "good read," and a
great resource for professional development!!!

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