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Discussion: All Tools in Math 7
Topic: teaching about scale

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Subject:   RE: teaching about scale
Author: Mathman
Date: Jun 14 2005
On Jun 14 2005, Bethany wrote:
> In both some literature research and personal teaching experience, I
> found that students often have difficulty with the concept of
> scaling graphs.

What grade/level?  Graph paper with some small simple figures, usually
rectangular and circular.  They need ruler and compasses etc..  They have to
draw another to some scale larger or smaller.  The figure could be a simple
rectangle, then a "robot head", rectangle with eyes, nose, mouth being
rectangles ...andwhatever.  Discussion is important.  measure ratio of two
lengths in one figure then the other and show that they match.  etc... ...This
leads naturally into similarity, so three concurrent lines lends itself to
drawing triangles that are similar, sides ofone being parallel to sides of the
other.  A sound basis for geometry.

*Then* get into some simple plans with supplied values that they must first
calculate the reduction, and then graph on suitable paper. Again stick firstto
rectangular objects [e.g. an array of buildings, or rooms on one floor.]

*Then* get into graphs and/or maps. ...


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