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Discussion: All Tools
Topic: Your Top N Tools?

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Subject:   6th Grade Favorites
Author: Don Link
Date: Jun 15 2005
Here's a couple of mine that have already been mentioned:

6th Grade Math
TOOL: Building Houses, Freudenthal Institute
WHAT: Allows construction of 3D solids made up of unit blocks.
      Solids can be rotated, and three 2D views are shown.
      Helpful in discussing volume vs. surface area.
WHY:  Students love it.  Particularly effective with SmartBoard.
TOOL: Color Chips, NLVM, Utah State University
WHAT: Uses red(-) & black(+) chips for integer addition & subtraction.
      Chips can be used individually or as red/black pairs (i.e., 0).
      When a red and black chip are dragged together, they disappear.
WHY:  Students like it.  Helps them visualize subtracting a negative.
      Emphasizes significance of zero as additive identity.

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