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Discussion: All Tools
Topic: Demise of Green Globs

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Subject:   RE: Demise of Green Globs
Author: ihor
Date: Jan 20 2007
Hi Ginny,
Thanks for the update on Green Globs. I'm going to follow up with David Wolff
and see what the current status is.

On Jan 18 2007, ginnyaaa wrote:
> Hi,

It is great news that Green Globs is being developed as a
> native Mac OSX version, but unfortunately it is not yet ready. I
> just called to order it having seen the email below and I was told
> by Customer Service to check back late Spring, and if not then, to
> check back in Fall 2007.

Ginny Blake
Math department coordinator
> Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS

On Jan 10 2006, david sunburst wrote:
> > HI,

I spotted this thread and thought you would like to know
> that
> we and the product's authors have just begun development on
> a Mac
> OSX version of Green Globs that we hope can be released
> sometime in
> 2006. Please note that this is not a formal
> announcement of such a
> release, which will be made when we can
> give details on a true
> release date.

Thanks for your ongoing
> interest in this product.
> Best,

David Wolff
SVP, Development
> Sunburst Technology

> Jul 25 2005, ihor wrote:
> I spoke
> with the folks at Sunburst at
> the NECC conference about
> future
> updates of Green Globs and found
> out that there are no plans
> for it at this time. Apparently one
> of the original co-authors
> has
> the rights to it and is not
> interested in updating it.
> Since it
> is one of my favorite
> programs and I do not want to
> see it fade into
> obsolescence so
> I'm interested in alternative
> development strategies
> - possibly
> an "open source" version.
> The closest software  that
> I have
> found that is similar to
> globs is:

Shooting balls
> ( )

which was developed
> > > by the Freudenthal Institute. It's Ok, but limited.

> > have
> thoughts on what could be done? Could a flash version of
> > Globs be
> developed?


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