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Discussion: All Tools in Geometry on Sketchpad
Topic: Best Tools to create geometric figures

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Subject:   RE: Best Tools to create geometric figures
Author: KB88
Date: Aug 6 2007
I've created geometry tests and handouts for years using the Draw features of MS
Office, in conjunction with Equation Editor/Math Type and the special symbols
found in many of the fonts already installed.  Yes, learning to work with Draw
takes a little while, but it helps to check around and find someone who's an
experienced user and can give you some tips.  For instance,
1)  turn the drawing canvas OFF
2)  turn  "grid OFF", and choose "snap objects to other objects"
3)  learn to use "group", copy, paste, autoshapes, nudge, rotate, can
create just about anything very quickly.
4)  labeling is easy using text boxes with "no fill", "no line"...just make one
and format it the way you want, then copy and paste it however many times you
need individual labels.

I think my favorite part of using Draw is being able to draw a figure in a fresh
WORD document, save that particular document, and then pull it up whenever I
need that figure again.  I can resize the figure, rotate it, reflect it, change
color, un-group it to adjust any details...

I've also done several trainings for local teachers on using Equation Editor and
Draw.  The best way I've found to learn these features is to dive in and
reproduce a math document (a page of a geometry test or algebra test, or class
notes...anything with a nice mix of figures, equations, special symbols, etc.).

There are a number of great sites on the web for tutorials/documentation in
using DRAW and Equation Editor.  You might check out...

Equation Editor:

DRAW menu:

Very good:

Another very good one:

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