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Recent Activity Features

You can follow the most recent discussions or keep up with the latest items added to the library either by using the New Items and New Discussions links in the left nav bar or through subscriptions.

In order to subscribe, you must first register and then make sure to login when you use the site. See the links for login and register in the top left blue nav bar. Once logged in, you will be able to subscribe to:

  • Topics/categories: You can subscribe to a given area of the catalog after first browsing to it using the category menus at the top of the page or the Math Topics link in the left nav bar. You will receive email notification of new items added to that area.
  • Individual items: On an individual item's catalog page there is a link in the middle section to subscribe to that item and be notified of related reviews, comments, and discussions.
  • All discussions: On your profile page there is an option to receive notification for all discussions. You can select this when you register or access it later through My MathTools.