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Lesson Plan: Biased Rectangles?
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Students explore one example of how bias affects the mean. This simulation increases students' understanding of the significance of sample size on the calculation of the mean.

Exploring this concept allows teachers and students to consider ideas such as:

  • How does a randomly generated sample compare with a human sample?
  • What happens to the shape and spread of the graph of the data as the sample size increases?
  • What do you see when comparing a normal curve to the shape and spread of a histogram of the sample data? (extension)
Technology Type: Fathom 
Authors: Carol Hattan
Beverly Farahani
David Kapolka
Marie Lusk
David Hernandez
Patricia Daniel
Cheryl Foox
Language: English 
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Courses: Probability & Statistics Simulating Experiments, Randomness, Sampling Distributions

Comment:A great implementation of this idea that combines visual and technological aspects. gord