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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - JUNE 7, 2003 - No. 3

  In the right sidebar of Math Tools, we have opened two new
  platform categories: Texas Instruments and Javascript.

  The platform category of Calculators: Texas Instruments now
  contains a collection of Texas Instruments apps for the
  TI-73 Explorer(tm), TI-83 Plus, and TI-83 Plus Silver Edition.
  Future implementations of Math Tools will offer subcategories
  to organize tools according to the type of calculator.

  The platform category of Javascript features Math 7 activities
  by Math Tools community member Jeff LeMieux.

  LeMieux used a new Math Tools feature to describe how he
  conducts the activities with his seventh grade students. If
  you use his Javascript activities or any of the TI apps now in
  the library, or have anecdotes about how to use them to help
  students learn math, please share your experiences by clicking
  on the new left sidebar link:


  In the left sidebar, we've also listed Resources and Newsletter.
  Use the Resources link to help us build the Math Tools Catalog
  by submitting your own tools, lesson plans, stories, activities,
  problems, and support materials. The Newsletter page provides
  directions for subscribing and unsubscribing, as well as links
  to back issues.

  George Reese, prompted by the discussion in the Research Area,
  has written a new summary, "Action Research and Communities of
  Practice." His challenge to the group is: "Suppose we pick a
  tool to investigate, and share experiences using that tool.
  How can an online community conduct action research? What are
  your ideas?"


    - Geometry course
    - Calculus course
         each with a preliminary collection of resources

  Area Formulas App, TI-73 Explorer(tm)
  This handheld software application (App) for the TI-73 Explorer(tm)
  reinforces and reviews the definition for rectangles, squares,
  parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, and circles.

  Pythagorean Theorem Story
  Middle school teacher Jeff LeMieux writes about how he uses
  the Javascript page Pythagorean Theorem with his students.

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