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        MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - NOVEMBER 8, 2003 - No. 8

  Discussion for Tool: Slider Graph
  Gene Klotz explains how he uses Slider Graph with the
  "Families of Curves" section in his Calculus class.

  Fraction Track
  NCTM: Illuminations
  Students compare relative sizes of fractions and get
  used to adding fractions with different denominators.

  Geoboards in the Classroom
  Tom Scavo
  This unit deals with the length and area of two-
  dimensional geometric figures using the geoboard as
  a pedagogical device. The lesson was originally
  designed to use handheld geoboards but can be easily
  adapted to using virtual geoboards or a combination
  of the two.

  John and Betty's Journey into Complex Numbers
  Matt Bower
  An activity using a die and a tally sheet to model the
  cereal box problem.

  Journal: Line Symmetry
  Varnelle Moore describes how the children responded as
  she worked with them on the "Line Symmetry" activity.

  George Reese has planned an action research project. Check
  his new article for details to see if you are interested in
  Do you have a favorite tool that isn't yet included
  in the Math Tools library? Please tell us about it.
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