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        MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - DECEMBER 4, 2004 - No. 21

  Your eyes do not deceive you: the photographs on the Math
  Tools home page have changed! In fact, we have recently
  started to rotate them on a weekly basis, and have added
  a third graphic that features a tool.

  Do you have a favorite tool that you'd like us to feature?
  Let us know! Do you have photographs of students or teachers
  using a math tool? Use our "Contribute a photo" link:

  Tool: Willy the Watchdog
  Harcourt School Publishers
  Two players take turns telling time in this game that
  combines chance and skill. The spaces on the game board
  show different clock times. Roll the die to move to a new
  position on the board, then turn the gear to move the hands
  on the clock face to the time shown. Answer incorrectly,
  and you lose your next turn.

  Tool: Simultaneous Equation Solver
  Texas Instruments
  Calculate solutions (unique, representation of the infinite
  solutions, or no solution) for linear systems up to 30x30.

  Tool: Let's Do Math Checkerboard
  Cynthia Lanius
  As a problem solving activity, students determine how many
  squares are on a checkerboard. Students drag highlighted
  squares of various sizes around the board to count the number
  of squares. They enter the values in a table and submit to
  get the answer.

  Left Right Translation of Functions
  Susan asks, "Most students have no problems understanding a
  real world application that shows a vertical shift in a
  function. What is so much harder to explain is the horizontal
  shift. Does anyone have a good way to explain this?"

  Research concerning most beneficial amount of time spent on math
  Tara posts the question, "We are wondering if there is
  significant research about the most beneficial amount of time
  that should be spent per day on math."

  Pick-a-block tool (middle level)
  Tackweed writes, "I am curious as to whether I should include
  the simulated experimental probability and the theoretical
  probability as part of the summary, or should I leave it for
  student calculation."

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